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Chief of Police Bio

Chief of Police Bio

Greetings Arcanum Community,

I obtained my Peace Officer Certification from the Marion Technical College in 2000. I began my law enforcement career in my hometown of Richwood, OH. As a young officer at Richwood Police Department, I successfully developed and implemented school-age safety programs with our youth. I worked with the community cleaning up junk motor vehicles as well as areas that needed assistance with cleaning up trash and other debris. I also joined the Northern Union County Joint Fire and EMS Department. There I served as a basic EMT and firefighter II. I was later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

I continued my career at the Plain City Police Department, where I was given exceptional guidance from supervisors that allowed me to foster more leadership skills and become the department’s criminal case manager. This allowed me to have strong relationships with the community, co-workers, and supervisors as they worked through investigations with their cases.

As I reached the middle part of my career, I returned to the Richwood Police Department as a Sergeant and then Lieutenant. This position developed and implemented the department’s short- and long-term goals. I formulated and maintained budgets, policy, and grant writing, scheduling various meetings with the community and maintaining good working relationships with the citizens of Richwood. While I could have stayed in this area for the remainder of my career, I knew there was much more to learn as a law enforcement officer.

In 2016 I accepted the constable position at the Sharon Township Police Department. This added to my knowledge of law enforcement by allowing me to work with Chief Donald Schwind, who has a tremendous amount of experience achieving over 40 years in law enforcement. The knowledge I have gained by working with Chief Schwind has brought me to a place in my career where I feel I have all the skills to be a successful chief of police.

My passion for law enforcement and sincere desire to succeed has led me to incredible places and opportunities, and my goal is to serve the Village of Arcanum with integrity.

Chief Marcus Ballinger

Arcanum Police Department