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Online Filing

Questions, call Alychia @ 937-692-8500 x221

****Online Filing Instructions****

Be sure that you are submitting all of the following documents that are applicable to you.

• EZ Tax Form – completed and signed
• Page 1 of Federal 1040
• Federal Schedule C or E (business or rental income)
• 1099 (not Int.)
• All W2s
• Your typed name in the signature line will act as your signature

Please note: If all required documents are not uploaded, your return will be rejected.

****To complete Electronic Form EZ****

Form EZ (click here to download)

  1. After downloading
  2. Choose Enable Editing at top of form
  3. Input the information from your W-2’s into the corresponding columns
                (use income from Box 5)
  4. Do not include School District withholding – 1902
  5. Type tax payers name in the signature line and Date
                   (your typed name will act as your signature for electronic filing)
  6. Once complete–File/Save As: Arcanum-Electronic-Form- Your Name.xlsx
                    (must be saved as Excel document)

Upload all documents below by selecting SUBMIT TAX FORM:

Submit Tax Form